November 2, 2023

Hi! This is Steve at Ideal HR. And you get an opportunity to spend 5 minutes with a mess manager. My first topic is, I've always told people that I can play by the rules as long as I know what they are. And that, to me, reminds me of a handbook. So, I really believe that small businesses with one to five folks, you know, you just need some policies to help you get through. Some topics that you think are important for you. When you get a larger group of eight or more, then you know you need to start thinking about a handbook. In my mind a handbook is the beginning of cultural creation. So, you're probably saying, well, what is culture? Well, to me it means many things. One is that what will your employees do when you're not around? And there are no rules to tell them what to do? The other explanation of cultural creation or culture begins to tell your employees how you feel about things like hours of operation, employee conduct, fraud and dishonesty, substance abuse, and other things like that. So, you get the idea. I know of a company today that will allow you to be 10 minutes late. However, if you are 11 minutes late, they tell their employees don't come in for the entire day. So, to me they're taking a stance and of course they won't put up with many 10 minute late late periods. And I know you're not going to feel that way, but there are companies that do that. You know, handbooks are actually for your employees first. But they're also a defense for your company. It tells the world that you won't tolerate things like harassment or discrimination. It says that you will accommodate people with disabilities or how you feel about pregnancy. You know, those are actually federal rules in your handbook, there are state rules and there are city rules now becoming more and more prevalent. And you know, these are things that you don't need to worry about. Ideal HR will create a handbook for you and kind of help you think through the culture thing. But what I believe is you should focus on what you do well, at making money at, and let Ideal HR guide you through all of the HR hurdles that you have to jump over. At ideal we will coach you, we coach owners and we're certified coaches. We will even train your managers as much as you let us. So, I'll leave you with this thought, Mark Twain said “Which person would you rather have, an employee that you never train and they never leave you? Or an employee that you train and they might leave you?” End of story.