Increase productivity & profitability in the workplace

Ideal HR Bridge

7-9% Faster Growth


10-14% Lower Employee Turnover


50% Less likely to go out of business

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Ideal Digital Assistant




Time & Attendance


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Connecting your business to leading HR support and technology

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Liberty Bridge

Downtown Greenville, SC


Success Insights

A patented scientific approach to hiring, retaining and developing a successful team

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Ideal HR


HRO: Human Resource Organization

Instantaneous HR Infrastructure that provides a significant amount of administrative relief

Building a bridge for your team

Ideal HR Bridge

  • Payroll, Benefits, HR, Workers Compensation, and more
  • Licensed in 30 States
  • A solution for teams ranging from 1-60
  • Legal Advice - we pay for the advice, Fee is all inclusive
  • An HR support team that never gets sick, won't go on vacation, and won't retire

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3 ways small businesses benefit from using a PEO

HCM Platform

All your HR tools in one interface

Our Services are backed by a secure and leading Cloud interface, Kronos

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Say goodbye to the "Monday Struggle"

Ideal Digital Assistant

  • Time & Labor Management
  • Advanced scheduling
  • HR Management
  • ACA Managements
  • Same day support
  • Digital Time Clocks available
  • Personalized setup and training
  • Applicant Tracking

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A Complete HR-Bridge

  • Handbook creation
  • New Hire applicant / processing
  • Job Description Development
  • File Audits
  • Performance Review process
  • FMLA Management
  • Workers Compensation / Injury Management

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